I am a Supervising Member of GPTI and a UKCP Recognised Training Supervisor.

The general philosophical principles underlying my approach to supervision are around the safeguarding and well-being of the supervisee, the supervisee's clients and the profession. Supervision is intended to support, encourage, educate, train, stimulate and enthuse; it is not intended to be a source of stress and worry. I like to aim at an atmosphere that enables supervisees to bring to sessions the work they are proud of, as well as any confusions, felt experiences with their clients and even work they may feel ashamed of.

Supervision is educational, clinical and about safety and ethics. It can also support advancement of the profession through research and expression of ideas. I therefore invite discussion and support a proactive approach to the supervisee's professionalism.

 I encourage inclusion of diversity considerations where appropriate and I respect the supervisee as an experienced person in life and as a professional person bringing their own unique insights. The position that I take is one of respect for the relationship that the supervisee has with their clients. On occasions, there is  a necessity for me to raise boundary issues in situations where it is unclear how these are being managed, in order that this can be explored openly. This is for the purpose of facilitating professional development, ensuring safe practice and upholding the standards of the psychotherapy profession.

AVIVA Recognised Provider

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Tel: 0151 733 4554
Sharon Beirne MA(Psychotherapy), Dip.(GPTI), Dip.(N.S), UKCP Reg.